Multiple daily pumpouts for Ausbuild of sewer manhole to prevent overflow until infrastructure is completed.

Client Ausbuild
Location Kinross Estate, Thornlands
Date Aug 2018 – Ongoing
Duration 1 Year +

No liquid waste problem is too big or too small for Lee’s Environmental. Over more than a year, we’ve taken care of the sewer lines at Kinross Estate, Thornlands. During these final phases of completion, the Estate requires pump outs from sewer manholes while the infrastructure is being finalised. We monitor the sewer levels and coordinate pump out to be performed at key times when residents are using showers, toilets, and washing machines that could cause the lines to reach capacity and overflow. Due to our large fleet of trucks, we can provide the trucks necessary to supply the multiple daily sewer pit pump outs. We are currently pumping out the sewer lines four times per day, seven days a week.

This project has also requires us to work in with Ausbuild, CCA Winslow and Redland City Council to ensure all requirements are met. We are committed to providing quality service, all our servicing is performed to Australian standards and we have an outstanding safety record.