Garden and Pebble Removal

One of the little known, but very handy uses for vacuum excavation is in the garden. Because of the highly sensitive controls available on our vacuum excavation trucks, we are able to selectively remove, clear, dig, or cut out the garden areas you need. Keep your stormwater pipes, fibre-optic lines and all other pipes and cables safe during your projects with vacuum excavation.

Try Vacuuming Your Garden!

Vacuuming the garden might sound strange, but it’s very effective! Our vacuum excavation trucks can clear small pebbles and remove stone coverings in garden beds that are no longer required. Our vac trucks work like a vacuum cleaner to suck up the small pebbles and stone coverings in your garden. Because of their high power, combined with precision, they can clean out garden beds in a fraction of the time of manual digging and clearing. Vacuum excavation can clear stones as small as the tiny pebbles used in gardens up to large river rocks of 50-125mm diameter.

Vacuum excavate your garden and spend more time doing what you love

Vacuum excavation can remove unwanted rocks and pebbles from your garden

Case Study

Lee’s Environmental cleared 5-8mm pepples from approx 20 square metres of garden beds in Victoria Point in about half an hour, saving a busy homeowner and his wife more than a full day of manual labour for both of them to clear away the unwanted pebbles. That’s more than 16 hours work for only a 4 hour minimum charge including travel and less than an hour onsite before the gardens could be planted! Call us today to fast-track your gardening project.

More Uses

Another use of hydro excavation in your garden is for landscaping and leveling ground areas. Our technicians can dig out unwanted material from existing garden beds or cut out new garden beds with an extremely high level of precision and speed, leaving you with the exact size and shape to suit your requirements and with no concerns of hitting pipes or underground cables.

    • Benefits of using

vacuum excavation for landscaping and gardening

  • Achieve the highest quality outcome with the top level of precision and accuracy our vacuum excavation trucks provide for complex or intricate landscaping
  • Save the time and effort of manual labour as our high power vehicles cut through the ground in a fraction of the time
  • Reduce risk and provide safety with vacuum excavation which can find out where water pipes and electronic service cables are located so these are not pierced during the digging process