Arsenic Removal

Client Hi-Quality Group for Dongwha Australia’s Bombala Plant
Location Bombala Plant
Date Monday 9.12.19 – Friday 13.12.19
Duration 5 Days

Lee’s Environmental cleaned out an old timber treatment plant full of chromate copper arsenic. This waste was held in two steel tanks approximately 20,000 litres each, a fiberglass tank of approximately 10,000 litres and a treatment cylinder. The treatment cyclinder chamber lay horizontally and was a little over a metre in diameter and 20 long with a layer of sludge across it.

    To ensure this jobs successful completion, our team prepared with two days of planning, which included:

  • Strict attention to all safety procedures
  • Obtaining consignment permits
  • Ensuring weight distribution on the roads while travelling
  • Preparing OHS information and equipment including research into the relevant snakes, spiders and hazards specific to the site
  • Preparing route options and alternative plans

The careful planning paid off with the work being completed efficiently and the customer satisfied with the outcome. Concern was also given to keeping the customer updated throughout the process including involving the customer in the toolbox meeting.

As the chromate copper arsenic was solid, our team mixed water with it in order to pump it out of the tanks. As the arsenic product liquefies, dangerous gases are released, necessitating:

  • Technicians with confined space entry certification and equipment
  • Atmospheric testing
  • Eye protection, hard hats and respiratory protection
  • Full body chemical suits
  • Two spotters as required for safety
  • Safety data sheets on the product

Our state of the art combo unit, The Enforcer received the brunt of the work, utilizing its jetter capablilies and powerful 4000cf pump. A second sucker truck was also brought to site to carry the equipment and assist with the weight distribution of the waste.

As there were no working platforms to the tanks, ladders were needed both to gain access up to the tanks and then down inside the tanks. Tight ground access to the tanks challenged our technicians who maneuvered the vehicles to reach the tanks and avoid setting up and packing up more than necessary.

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