2 Ply for Septic Tanks

Important Coronavirus Septic Tank Update! If you have extra people staying at home due to the Coronavirus, this can put extra strain on your septic tank. Here’s our Coronavirus Septic Tank Tips to keep your system running smoothly:

  • Only use two ply toilet paper (if you have any left!)
  • Don’t flush 3 ply toilet paper, wipes or other toilet paper alternatives down the toilet. Bacteria can’t break these down quickly enough and the tank will form a thick layer on top – this will clogging the pipes and eventually resulting in an overflow if not pumped out.
  • Clean your toilet with gentle cleaners and avoid bleach – check out our Septic Tank Cleaning Recipe
  • Pump out your septic tank if its due – see Lee’s Septic Tank Cleaning and Pump Outs

Septic Tank Cleaning Recommendations

Councils recommend that septic tanks should be pumped out when the sludge level reaches 30%. Contact Lee’s Environmental to book a free test of your septic tank when we are on your property performing other services.

Alternatively, calculate approximately when your septic system needs pumping out with the following frequency guidelines. Please note that the frequency of pump out can vary greatly depending if people are home more or less frequently, and by what cleaning products and other materials are flushed down the toilet.

3 Months – 10+ people

6 Months – 8-9 People

1-2 Yearly – 6-7 People

2-3 Yearly – 4-5 People

3-4 Yearly – 2-3 People

5-6 Yearly – 1 Person

Also, see our Septic Tank Cleaning and Maintenance page for a full list of information to maintain your system. Or find out Why Your Septic Tank Smells or How to Find Your Septic Tank.