Lee’s Environmental participated in the Brisbane Irish Drought Run, travelling a 440km road trip to bring relief to those affected by drought. On the 21st December 2019, Matthew Eaton and Kirk Chant from Lee’s Environmental along with their families, joined the convoy of businesses volunteering their help. Lee’s Environmental brought their water truck and dog trailer filled with potable water, donating 27,000L of water to those in Stanthorpe stricken by the drought. Matthew decorated the bull bar of the truck in festive colours to provide some Christmas cheer.

The truck was filled up with water and met up with a group of trucks from different companies at Bundamba, and joined the main convoy making our way up the Toowoomba Range where many passers-by were waving and holding “Thank You” signs to the convoy and continued past Warwick until they reached the Stanthorpe Showgrounds where they emptied the water into the Water Station and IBCs already prepared to distribute to the town and surrounds.

Our team was moved by the stories they heard from those in the neighborhood – whole families managing with sponge baths, washing clothes in a single bucket of water and accounts of hardship. Lee’s and the team were grateful for the means and opportunity to help our fellow Aussies and were greatly touched by the many thanks and hugs they received from the community.

Bushfire Drought Relief