Helping our Local Communities and the Environment

At Lees Environmental we are focused on implementing best practices to go about our services in way that benefits the environment. We work to provide efficient, safe and fast response services; whilst also working to support communities and lessen the environmental impact from liquid waste.

Our Fleet Of Trucks

We maintain a fleet of modern, highly functional trucks which not only provide the best in service, but also ensure we minimise our impact on the environment. One of our latest additions The Enforcer is our second 10,000L custom made combo truck which can conquer almost any drain cleaning or pumpout scenario with second-to-none efficiency. We believe our newest truck may be the fastest, most powerful combo truck in Queensland! The pump alone is larger than an average size car and can pull from tremendous depths with incredible speed and handle nearly any waste or environmentally dangerous liquid material.

Read more about The Enforcer in our recent blog post.

Dangerous Liquid Removal

For dangerous liquid removal we have a team of operators on call 24/7. We’re on standby anytime to attend to projects which require the removal of dangerous and environmentally toxic liquids. We have a 3 hour maximum response time with us to be on site – though for most jobs we’re there within the hour.

Simply call our team on 07 3206 4844 or contact us by email to reach us for dangerous liquid removal emergencies.

Our emphasis on safety extends to extra features we’ve created and installed in our truck. We are able to separate fuel from the vapour within the truck with Lee’s water scrubber which is an additional safety feature to prevent the escape of dangerous flammable or corrosive vapours. It’s proven to be 100% effective. Our flammable waste disposal and corrosives removal is one of the safest you can find.

Save Water and Help The Environment

Saving water can not only help the environment though also helps to maintain your septic systems. Lees Environmental is always happy to help you with tips to not only benefit your septic tanks and waste systems but also to ensure we look after our little piece of the planet. For septic systems, conserving water helps to maintain your septic system. When excess water enters your septic tank, grease trap, or greywater tank, the waste doesn’t have enough time to break down before it passes through the outlet. This can lead to blockages and overflowing tanks or trenches containing untreated waste. Wastewater Treatment Systems are also affected by excess water which disturbs the clarity of the water in the tank, upsets the PH level, and can result in unpleasant odours.

Lear more about how conserving water can help maintain your liquid and waste systems in our recent blog post.

Droughts and Bushfire Relief

You may not know that Lees Environmental works to donate a percentage of our profits each year to Local, Australian and Worldwide efforts, that help make our planet healthy and strong, and improve the lives of people all over the world. In the past 12 months Australia has been impacted by Droughts, Bushfires, and a Pandemic among other natural and social disasters.

In December 2019, Matthew Eaton and Kirk Chant from Lee’s Environmental along with their families, joined a convoy of businesses volunteering their help for the Brisbane Irish Drought Run. We brought a Water Truck and Trailer filled with over 27,000 Litres of water to help those in Stanthrope stricken by the drought and improve the livelihoods of our farmers and their lands.

In addition, Lee’s Environmental donated $15,000 to Queensland farmers to buy feed for their animals, as well as visiting and encouraging the farmers. We also recently donated $5,000 to Feed the Hungry.

Read more on our Drought Relief effort and our January Bushfire donation appeal which saw a $15,000 donation made to Western Air Care to help assist those in isolated communities with much needed food supplies.