Keeping Septic Systems In Good Health

Septic systems (both septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems) maintain an ecosystem of bacteria, both good and bad – in a similar fashion to how bacteria lives throughout animals, people and nature. This bacteria must be maintained to a healthy level, allowing the good bacteria to adequately feed on, and remove as much waste products, bad bacteria and toxins from septic pipes and tanks.

Keeping your Septic Tank and Waste Water Treatment Plant well maintained at an optimal level of biological conditioning is key to achieving and ensuring that your Septic System will remain clean and productive for years to come.

Why We Need To Maintain Septic Systems

Septic Systems rely upon Good Bacteria and natural processes to keep pipes and tanks clean of toxic materials. These Good Bacteria thrive in a healthy environment that can be created when the Temperature, pH Levels and nutrients are maintained. When these areas are not maintained, the populations of Good Bacteria can die off, reducing in numbers and allowing toxins and bad bacteria to take over leading to a polluted septic tank environment.

pH Levels
PH Levels should be maintained between 6 and 9 to allow for the Good Bacteria to thrive within a waste water environment.

A temperature of between 25 Celsius and 45 Celsius should be maintained

Nutrients can be added at times to further promote the Good Bacteria’s healthy populations.

How Septic Tanks Maintain A Healthy Environment

Wastewater and septic systems rely upon biological processes to maintain a healthy environment.

  1. Colonies of Good Bacteria which can number into the billions, produce enzymes which begin the process of breaking down food and organic materials.
  2. Once broken down the Good Bacteria feeds on, and consumes the organic waste, digesting and changing the waster in to an assortment of water, carbon dioxide and methane.

Therefore, septic tanks should be pumped out when sludge levels reach 30% or when a crust forms and wastewater treatment plants require regular servicing by a qualified technician.
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What To Avoid To Keep Your Septic System Clean

Here are some tips to help ensure you can do your best to support a healthy environment for your septic tanks.

  • Avoid household cleaners – These often contain chemicals which are toxic to the levels of Good Bacteria.
  • Watch out for Medicinal Waste – Antibiotics, antiseptics, drugs and medications may enter wastewater systems and be harmful to maintaining a healthy environment
  • Avoid standard drain cleaners – These drain cleaners are toxic and can quickly lessen the levels of needed bacteria.
  • Keep the temperature maintained – Low or high levels of temperate fluctuations will be harmful to the living conditions needed for the Good Bacteria to thrive.