The Team at Lee’s Environmental were touched to receive a Thank You Certificate from an orphanage in Uganda. Lee’s is a long term supporter of the foundation and has had the privilege of assisting to meet the most important needs of the children, from improving sanitation, to providing medical care, quality education, clean water and helping cover staff costs.

Basic sanitation is major challenge in many parts of the world. Lee’s Environmental provided the funds to build a toilet block for the orphanage.

Report from the foundation: The 25-year-old kitchen Mama Irene built was now very risky for our cooks. There was a lot of unhealthy smoke and the stones were weak. Plus it was consuming a lot of firewood. With your support, we built a new modern kitchen that is an energy-saver, uses less than half the firewood, all smoke goes up via the chimney and the hardworking cooks can now prepare meals for 1,500 children in a more conducive and less costly way.

We celebrate this month completion of Primary education of 316 pupils from our four primary schools. 6 out of 10 girls in the region drop out of Primary School before completing. But in IGF Schools, 54% of the 316 are girls. School feeding, medical care, provision of sanitary support, counselling and prayer has enabled us to realise this achievement.