Dust Suppression / Water Delivery

Lee’s Environmental supplies dust suppression, turf watering, and potable water delivery across Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW, Ipswich and Central QLD. Our water comes directly from the town supply in our food business licensed trucks. Our tanker truck water delivery vehicles come in sizes of 12,000L and 30,000L, however we can supply any quantities from 2,000L to 2,000,000 litres. Each of our vehicles carry 50m of fire hose as standard so we are able to park at a reasonable distance from your filling receptacle, and we are able to bring more hose if required. Each of our vehicles are fitted with spray bars for water spraying. In addition, we have a wide variety of fittings for any application – we’ve never had a job we couldn’t do.

We provide our water services for a variety of applications including those listed below:

  • Dust Suppression

  • Turf Watering

  • Rainwater Tank Refill

  • Pool Filling

  • Wastewater treatment plant refill

  • Road wetting for movie / film production shoots or photography

  • And road wetting for advanced driver training courses

Our water delivery trucks are fitted with a variety of spraying cannons including:

  • Reverse sprayer (non adjustable/fixed position ) for spraying roads – gravity feeds and shoots 3 meters. Completely remote controllable from inside the truck. Uses approximately 1500L per minute and empties our 12,000L vehicle in approximately 7 minutes.

  • 2 x side sprayers shooting 3m to each side (non adjustable/fixed position). Can be used in conjunction or separately to rear sprayers and is remote controllable from inside the truck. Uses approximately 1500L per minute and empties our 12,000L vehicle in approximately 7 minutes.

  • Dribble bar at vehicle rear – operates on gravity feed and takes approximately 30 minutes continuous operation to empty the vehicle.

  • Water Cannon – completely adjustable cannon which sits on the top of the vehicle and can shoot a jet or mist and is completely adjustable from within the truck via remote control. Manufacturer specifications state 2800L per minute, however practically shoots a maximum of 1000L per minute, emptying the 12,000L in 12 minutes running at full speed.

Each Vehicle has the added bonus features:

  • Water Truck can suck from dams or other receptacles if required if available onsite.

  • Supplied with 80m high quality lay flat red fire hose, but can carry up to 150m.

  • All water trucks run off hotshift.

  • Water trucks run off diesel only making them suitable for tunnel work.
  • Each water delivery vehicle is rear-fitted with both a ladder enabling custom spraying on top of the truck if required (eg. lawn watering applications).
  • Overall water truck height of 3.8m, making trucks suitable for most job sites.

  • All water trucks are fully safety compliant with external rotating beacon and squawker, and are kitted internally with spill kits, safety triangles and fire extinguishers.
  • Work lights can be fitted for night work.
  • All water trucks are configured as bogey drive for good traction.
  • Our water delivery trucks are fitted with industrial strength super-powerful 30hp pumps making them available to work around the clock for large projects where 24 hour dust suppression is required.

We at Redlands Fresh Flowers would like to thank you and your staff for the outstanding service you have given to us during this very distressing time – with no rain our dam dried up and we have required your service of delivering water. Lee’s Environmental has delivered water at short notice and have always been extremely polite and the service has been outstanding. Thank you again.
Redlands Fresh FlowersLesley Tapson, Redlands Fresh Flowers

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