Drain Cleaning in Brisbane and South East Queensland

Household drains in Queensland can be blocked with a variety of substances. Common drain blockages result from excess toilet paper or tree roots in pipes or build-up of liquid waste in outlet pipes when “baffles” are not in place or not frequent enough servicing has taken place. Blocked toilets are the most common need in domestic drain cleaning, requiring us to unblock drains.

Drain cleaning equipment consists of a high pressure water cleaning machine (like a “Gurni” which, rather than attaching to a spray-gun, attaches the high pressure water hose to a nozzle which sprays concentrated water into the drains).

Depending on the type of blockage, different nozzles can be used, for example, rotating nozzles for tree roots, forward shooting nozzles for high-impact and rear-shooting nozzles for other blockages.

In some cases, blockages can be cleared by using a plunger on toilet bowl or related drain holes, so we always recommend attempting blockage clearing yourself first to save some money. Drain Cleaning (Jet Rodding) has a very high chance of success rate with 85% of blockages able to be cleared.

Most drain cleaning blockage removals are achieved within 1.5 hours, however when severe blockages occur, the drain cleaning time can be up to five hours at the worst case scenario.

Please call us now to co-ordinate cleaning of your drains. We service customers throughout South East Queensland and Brisbane and we look forward to being of service to you and unblocking your drains!

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