Grease Traps/Trade Waste

Lee’s Environmental provides cleaning (eg. Pumping, pumpout, removal, emptying) of commercial grease traps of all sizes. We also provide a range of trucks to suit all situations, including height restricted trucks to enter basement carparks, jetrodder trucks to thoroughly clean grease traps with high levels of buildup or no rinse water available on site, and high suction super sucker trucks.

Commercial Grease Trap

Commercial Grease Trap Pump Out

What is a Commercial Grease Trap?

Commercial grease traps are enclosed cavities (rectangular in shape) dug into the ground and close by to the commercial kitchen which collect liquid waste (grease and water) which exits the kitchen sink. Because grease floats, it is “trapped” in between baffle walls inside the grease trap, while allowing the cleaner water to safely exit the grease trap.

All commercial sites which hold food business licenses and which generate kitchen sink waste are required to have a grease trap installed at the premises to trap grease to prevent the grease from entering and blocking up council sewerage pipes.

How often does a Commercial Grease Trap need cleaning?

Local councils require commercial premises (by law) to have their grease trap pumped out / cleaned out every 1, 2 or 3 months. Pump out / pumpout / pumping / cleaning frequency is dependent on the ruling local councils apply to each premises based on the volume and potency of liquid waste generated, however 99% of grease traps require pump out at least every 3 months. Failure to pump out / clean out a commercial grease trap may result in fines or revoking of food business licenses, as dirty commercial grease traps promote the breeding of cockroaches and other insects, deterioration of the grease trap walls as solidified fat slowly corrodes walls and baffles, as well as generating increasing odors as the frequency between pump outs increases.

Exceptional Service

Our office staff and service technicians are committed to providing the highest quality service to you from booking to grease trap pumpout.

Lee’s Environmental provides the highest quality service of commercial grease traps on each occasion which includes:

  • Vacuum pump out grease and all the contents of the grease trap with our high-power vacuum trucks

  • Scraping down all walls and baffles.

  • Hosing down and rinsing the walls and tank

  • Reporting to you the customer on the condition of the grease trap if any repairs or maintenance are required

  • Automatic submission of reports to local council and DES (Department of Environment & Science) confirming that your grease trap is being pumped out in accordance with their regulations

Lee’s Environmental can also provide maintenance and repairs when needed for your grease trap including:

  • Jet rodding / drain cleaning of blocked pipes leading to and from the grease trap

  • High pressure clean of buildup on walls and baffles of trap which can occur in grease traps that receive heavy use

  • Arrange for grease trap relining, new baffles, baffle reseating or new lids if needed

  • Grease and grind grease trap lids that are sticking up to make them sit flush to prevent a health and safety trip hazard and to prevent smells escaping from the grease trap.

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