The Grease Trap Lid Isn’t Closed Properly

Over time, commercial grease trap lids begin to sit askew due to movement and warping in the metal, corrosion of the concrete and pressure from vehicle or foot traffic. In nearly all cases, if the grease trap lid isn’t properly closed after a grease trap pump out service, this is because the lid has become impossible to completely close. If you notice that a lid is sticking up, the lids are uneven, or if you trip or stub your foot against the grease trap lids, then the lids need maintenance as soon as possible.

The lid should be fixed immediately as the grease trap lid will sit ajar causing:

  • A trip hazard health and safety risk
  • Bad smells to escape from the grease trap which can turn away customers

Grease and Grind Grease Trap Lids

When the grease trap lid is sitting askew, a grease and grind is required so the lid can sit flush again with the surrounding ground. As part of our regular service, we will note on our invoice after pump out if a grease and grind of the lids is recommended and with a quote to perform the work. Contact us today if you’d like to book in a grease and grind of your commercial grease trap lid.

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