Greywater Holding Tank Cleaning

Greywater sullage holding tanks catch wastewater (greywater) which exits your shower, bath, laundry sink and washing machine. Greywater holding tank units are installed at premises which are not connected to council sewerage. These units consist of the tank with a submersible pump partially elevated toward the bottom which pumps out the cleaner water, while retaining the silt and dirt particles (called sludge). The water which exits the greywater sullage holding tank will either travel to a sprinkler system or to a greywater purple sullage hose where it is watered onto the lawn/paddock. Premises which do not have a greywater holding tank will usually have their greywater diverted to underground dispersion pipes called “absorption/aspiration trenches / drain fields”.

As the sludge accumulates at the bottom of the greywater sullage holding tank, it will eventually submerge the pump in sludge, causing hose blockages, pump breakdown or burnout. Also, the more accumulated sludge in the tank, the greater smell the greywater holding tank will emanate. To lengthen the submersible pump life and reduce odours, council recommends pumping out greywater holding tanks every 6 to 12 months.

Protect Your Pump

Sludge, hair and debris accumulate in the bottom of the tank which can cause the pump to breakdown or burnout.

6-12 Months

Councils recommend 6-12 monthly pump out of greywater holding tanks.

Exceptional Service

Our service technicians provide the highest quality service on each occasion and are happy to answer any questions you may have about your system.

Lee’s Environmental offers free reminder calls to let you know when your greywater sullage holding tank is due for pumpout. Call 3206 4844 or email us to add your houshold to our regular greywater holding tank cycle.

Repairs and maintenance for all liquid waste items

Greywater Tank Repairs

In addition to providing actual services for grease traps, greywater sullage holding tanks and septic tanks, Lee’s Environemental is also able to provide repair and maintenance services to these items including:

  • Repairing leaking septic tank tanks (internal or external)

  • Replacing broken or missing baffles in grease traps and septic tanks

  • Grinding of grease trap lids which are no longer fitting correctly to ensure they are sitting flush

  • Full detailing of grease traps, greywater sullage holding tanks and septic tanks, involving water jetting / water blasting of the walls and baffles to give a superior clean

  • Treating trenches or septic tanks with Rootox to kill tree roots attempting to grow in pipes or the septic tank

  • Trench minor-section repairs

  • Standard size grease trap, greywater and septic tank lids

  • Custom grease trap and septic tank lids

  • Minor above-ground and below ground pipe-work repairs

  • Greywater sullage holding tank submersible pump replacements

  • Repairs and maintenance to all components within a wastewater treatment system

  • Drain cleaning of blocked pipes to and from grease traps, greywater tanks and septic tanks

  • Applying hydrated lime treatment to septic tank to restore PH balance to septic tank

  • Unclogging and removing hair from greywater sullage holding tank submersible pumps (requires Confined Space Entry Certificate which our service technicians have)

  • Complete council sludge test reports (requires Restricted Drainer’s License which our service technicians have)

  • Inspect and provide detailed report on items which may require maintenance (eg. Report on the condition of the distribution / aspiration trenches and recommend if they require repair or replacement)

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    What Our Clients Say

    Mick from Lee’s Environmental was excellent and explained how our septic, grease trap and greywater tanks work in detail. As a manager of large corporations, it was refreshing to see and listen to someone with such passion for their job!
    Gregory Stark, Tallebudgera