Oily Water Pump Outs In Brisbane & South East Queensland

All commercial sites which generate oily water run-off as a by-product of their operations are required to have oily water pits installed to prevent the oils from entering council sewer lines. Oily water pits (also called oily water separators) usually sit underneath the work area where oily water is running. Because oil floats, it is held in a compartment by the “adjustable weir baffles”, while cleaner water is able to flow out of the oily water pit.

Cleaning out oily water in vessel

Oily water builds up from car was run off

Lee’s Environmental removes oily water from almost all oily water generating sites including:

  • Auto shops / Mechanics
  • Car Washing Sites / Truck Washes
  • Ship’s Bilge

  • And More

Quality Service

Our qualified technicians will pumpout and clean your oily water pit to the highest standard.

Most commercial oily water generating sites require 3 to 6 monthly pumpout/removal of their oily water pits or oily water separators, however this will depend on the type of business and local council enforcement laws.

Whatever your needs for oily water removal, from oily water removal at an auto shop, or large scale oily water removal from multiple ships, Lee’s Environmental are able to remove this waste for you at a cost effective price at your convenience. Should you wish to have your oily water removed on a regular cycle, we are able to provide you with free reminder calls whenever your oily water removal / pump out is due. We operate 24/7 for emergencies, and we are looking forward to hearing from you. We service the Brisbane, South East QLD region and nearby regional areas, please contact us to enquire.

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