Rainwater Tank Cleaning

Rainwater tanks require periodic cleaning to ensure harmful bacteria and moulds do not build up in the tank and to clean off residues and scum to ensure you are not ingesting harmful substances. Although rainwater tank water entry points are usually covered with a gauze, small particles of dirt or grit will inevitably enter the rainwater tank and gather at the bottom of the tank. This gathered grit is referred to as “sludge”. To ensure rainwater tanks are kept hygienic and your rainwater is of the cleanest possible standard, councils recommend removing sludge and sanitising rainwater tanks at least once every 2 years. The frequency of clean depends on various factors, such as the ph of the water, air quality and environmental pollution factors

Lee’s Environmental provides a professional clean of your rainwater tank. Our service includes

  • Removing all water from the tank
  • High pressure clean of the rainwater tank’s inner surfaces to remove caked on residue and grit
  • Sanitising the tank with a chlorine solution
  • Rinsing and removing all chemical residues
  • Water tank refill with fresh potable water (if required)

We also have the capabilities to perform confined space entry where we go down into the tank and clean it from the inside. Please specify if you require confined space entry when you book as this requires additional staff and equipment

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