Rainwater Tank Maintenance

To help prevent sludge from entering your rainwater tank, below are several tips to help keep the tank as clean as possible:

  • Attach First Flush diverters to your rainwater tank. A first flush diverter captures the first small amount of water from rainfall and stops it from entering the rainwater tank. The first few litres of rainfall will usually wash all the dust off the roof and send it into the rainwater tank. The first flush diverter stops this dirty water from entering the rainwater tank, while allowing the cleaner rainwater to enter the rainwater tank.
  • Regularly clean your roof, gutters, first flush devices and insect screens of leaves, debris and overhanging tree branches.
  • Leaf traps will reduce contamination and sealing the tank from light, will discourage the growth of algae and bacteria.

Do rainwater tanks need cleaning?

Rainwater Tank Debris

Rainwater Tank Algae

When is the best time to clean a rainwater tank?

Since you probably rely on the water in your rainwater tank, the best time to clean a rainwater tank is when the weather has been very dry, the tank is nearly empty or there are no signs of significant rain coming.

Although a rainwater tank can be cleaned at any stage, if the tank is not already nearly empty, it is best to drain the tank as much as possible before we come to clean it so we do not have to spend extra time on site emptying the tank. If your tank contains contaminated water or too much water to be disposed of on the gardens and lawn, please let us know and we can quote and arrange for the pump out and disposal of the water.

How long will I be without water while my rainwater tank is being cleaned?

Our technicians are able to thoroughly clean the majority of rainwater tanks within an hour. We clean and sanitise the tanks to a high standard to ensure they are ready for holding drinking water again. Then you can either wait until it rains again, or we can arrange to bring one of our water trucks after the service to refill with clean potable water.

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