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Although septic systems are a relatively simple form of waste management, they require bacteria to break down the waste that enters the tanks to ensure the waste does not build up, form a crust, overflow or begin to smell. We wanted to help our customers and those new to septic systems with some simple tips for keeping their septic maintained.

We’ve prepared a FREE printable guide with hints for maintaining your septic system and prolonging the life of your grease trap, septic tank or waste water treatment system, greywater and trenches. Our septic system guide has easy to follow instructions and conveniently prints to an A4 page so you can hang it on your fridge, toilet door, or wherever works for you!

Our printable septic tank instructions include:

  • A list of items not to flush down a septic toilet
  • Tips for maintaining septic systems and prolonging the life of grease traps, septic tanks or waste water treatment systems, greywater tanks and trenches.
  • How to clean the toilet – the best procedure for cleaning a toilet connected to a septic tank.
  • Pump out frequency guide for septic tanks, grease traps and greywater tanks.
  • And servicing requirements for Waste Water Treatment Systems.

When Septic Systems Aren’t Pumped Out Regularly…

Septic and grease exit the tanks causing:

  • Failed trenches – cost thousands of $$$$ to replace
  • Blocked pipes – cost hundreds of $$$$ to unblock
  • Health hazard from contact with overflowing septic
  • & spread of infections from mozzies (Hepatitis, etc)

When WWTS Aren’t Serviced Regularly…

The system becomes out of balance causing:

  • Overflow or extra pumpouts – costs hundreds of $$$$
  • Pump Failure – costs hundreds of $$$$ to replace
  • Mechanical Breakdowns – can cost hundreds of $$$$ to fix
  • Fines from council

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If you’re a landlord or property manager, we especially recommend you supply tenants with a copy of our septic system guide printable so there’s clear instructions for how the septic should be used. We want to stress the importance of maintaining Septic Systems & WWTS (Waste Water Treatment Systems).


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    Maintaining your septic system is essential and saves thousands of dollars down the track

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