Septic Tank Cleaning

Lee’s Environmental provides septic tank cleaning / pumping / pumpout of septic tanks. Septic tanks receive liquid waste from toilet flushes. The septic tank traps and breaks-down all solid matter turning it into what is called “sludge”, allowing fluids to exit safely to underground dispersion areas called “distribution trenches / drain fields”.

Best Septic tank services in Brisbane

1600L Domestic Septic Tank

Sludge in Septic Tank

The sludge which accumulates in septic tanks needs to be removed / pumped out prior to sludge occupying 30% of the complete volume of the tank, roughly every 2 to 5 years. Failure to pump out a septic tank will result in the sludge exiting the septic tank and blocking up outlet pipes and distribution trenches / drain fields which can incur large costs to unblock or replace.

Lee’s Environmental performs all septic tank cleaning / pumpouts / sewage pit cleanout to the highest standard of septic tank cleaning companies in the liquid waste industry. Our cleaning regime includes pumping out the septic tank to the bottom, hosing, scraping down and cleaning all interior surfaces of the septic tank, removing accumulated tree roots, providing service report on the condition of inlet and outlet baffles and lid and distribution trenches / drain fields, refilling septic tank with 30cm depth of clean water to prevent hydrostatic lift and returning all items to their original location.

Lee’s Environmental septic tank cleaning offers to place your residence on a regular septic tank cleaning & pump out cycle where we perform free sludge test inspections on your septic tank every 2-3 years and then clean / pump them out when sufficient sludge has accumulated. Please call us now to set up a preventative maintenance septic tank inspection and pump-out schedule.

Exceptional Service

Our service technicians provide the highest quality service on each occasion and are happy to answer any questions you may have about your system.

All properties not connected to council sewerage will need liquid waste removal / regular pump out maintenance:


When sludge levels reach 30% it’s time to get your septic tank pumped out.

Frequency Guide

Cleaning frequency depends on usage levels:

3 Months – 10+ people 6 Months – 8-9 People
1-2 Yearly – 6-7 People 2-3 Yearly – 4-5 People
3-4 Yearly – 2-3 People 5-6 Yearly – 1 Person

What We Provide

In addition to providing actual services for grease traps, greywater sullage holding tanks and septic tanks, Lee’s Environmental is also able to provide repair and maintenance services to these items. Please see below for a complete listing of repairs and maintenance services we provide:

  • Repairing leaking septic tank tanks (internal or external)

  • Replacing broken or missing baffles in grease traps and septic tanks

  • Grinding of grease trap lids which are no longer fitting correctly to ensure they are sitting flush

  • Full detailing of grease traps, greywater sullage holding tanks and septic tanks, involving water jetting / water blasting of the walls and baffles to give a superior clean

  • Treating trenches or septic tanks with Rootox to kill tree roots attempting to grow in pipes or the septic tank

  • Trench minor-section repairs

  • Standard size grease trap, greywater and septic tank lids

  • Custom grease trap and septic tank lids

  • Minor above-ground and below ground pipe-work repairs

  • Greywater sullage holding tank submersible pump replacements

  • Repairs and maintenance to all components within a wastewater treatment system

  • Drain cleaning of blocked pipes to and from grease traps, greywater tanks and septic tanks

  • Applying hydrated lime treatment to septic tank to restore PH balance to septic tank

  • Unclogging and removing hair from greywater sullage holding tank submersible pumps (requires Confined Space Entry Certificate which our service technicians have)

  • Complete council sludge test reports (requires Restricted Drainer’s License which our service technicians have)

  • Inspect and provide detailed report on items which may require maintenance (eg. Report on the condition of the distribution / aspiration trenches and recommend if they require repair or replacement)

Best Septic tank services in Brisbane

Best Septic tank services in Brisbane

Best Septic tank services in Brisbane

Best Septic tank services in Brisbane

Best Septic tank services in Brisbane

Best Septic tank services in Brisbane

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    What Our Clients Say

    Mick from Lee’s Environmental was excellent and explained how our septic, grease trap and greywater tanks work in detail. As a manager of large corporations, it was refreshing to see and listen to someone with such passion for their job!
    Gregory Stark, Tallebudgera
    I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the service we received from Lee’s Environmental. The gentleman who came to work at our property, Colin, was very efficient, courteous and polite. I will certainly pass on the company’s details to friends who may need septic or grease trap services.
    Margaret, Moggill

    Getting your grease trap and septic tank checked is not something you want to think about, so having a friendly reminder letter was just what I needed. From my phone call to collection a couple of days later, everyone at Lee’s were helpful and pleasant. I even got a text to say they were on their way. I was very impressed with Dirk and his off-sider JP who were very obliging. My septic tank and grease trap were cleaned and tidy before I knew it.

    It was lovely dealing with your company.

    Alison White
    I will definitely be using Lee’s Environmental in the future due to my experience today. What an absolute pleasure your representative, Shane, was that attended my home today to inspect our septic. He was so helpful in explaining everything and alleviated all of my concerns.
    Pamela, Chuwar
    Dear Lees, Thanks to your team for their excellent job on our ancient septic tank – they were prompt and very efficient.
    Niki, Fig Tree Pocket