Hydro / Vacuum Excavation

Lee’s Environmental are the experts in vacuum excavation / non destructive hydrovac digging with our fleet of 8 trucks and experienced operators for all types of digging projects and civil construction services. And our safety first policy and state of the art equipment ensures the highest hydro excavation safety.

We have a wide range of trucks to suit your needs

Our experienced operators aren’t afraid of a little mud!

We have the highest powered powered “combo” (combination of vacuum & water/hydro jetting capability) trucks available with high pressure water jetting & 10,000cfm suction powerful enough for ANY job with:

Our capabilities in this area for your civil projects include:

  • Potholing
  • Service Locating
  • Vacuum Excavation
  • Hydro Excavation

Benefits of Vacuum Excavation over Conventional Digging

  • SAFETY – Vacuum digging can complete tasks without any physical handling which improves safety conditions for on-site workers. Asset/surface damage, fatigue and risk of injury is mitigated as the labor-intensive work has been taken over by state-of-the art machinery which provides incomparable digging accuracy and safety particularly when working with live underground services such as electricity, data, stormwater & gas.
  • SPEED – The entire digging procedure has been revolutionized with speedier excavation in comparison with mechanical excavation.

  • ACCESSIBILITY – Digging areas that were not accessible with the traditional machinery and hand-tools has now been made possible with vacuum excavation techniques.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – debris is cleared off the surrounding roads as the spoils are immediately removed with this advanced digging technique. Therefore, reducing any inconvenience to general public in conducting surface activities and managing traffic.

  • COST EFFECTIVE – Lastly, due to the high accuracy of hydrovac vacu-digging vs traditional excavation, once the digging is finished, reinstating or repairing the surface does not cost much.

Situations under which Vacuum Excavation is Applicable

  • Trial diggings for infrastructure identification on the surface. These trial pits include cables, water mains, gas pipelines, drainage etc.

  • Digging around service pipework for repair and maintenance of service lines such as fiber optic cables, water, electricity and gas pipelines.

  • Mining around trees and shrubs so that their roots do not get damaged.

  • Digging contracted holes for installation of streetlights, fencing, road signs etc.

  • Trial mining around erected buildings for investigation and repair purposes.

  • While installing new underground services.

  • Removing railway ballast to facilitate access to the underlying soils.
  • Cleaning meter faucets.
  • Archaeological excavation is undertaken conveniently and mitigates the risk of damage to precious archeological assets.
  • Garden bed digging and fast stone removal / pebble clearing from gardens.
  • Efficient landscaping and dirt clearing.

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