Greywater Holding Tanks Need Cleaning

Is it time for your Greywater Holding Tank to be pumped out and cleaned?

We receive many bookings for septic tanks and grease traps, but the greywater holding tank is often forgotten. When we ask about it, many people say “Its ok, it already has a pump”. That’s true, greywater holding tanks do have pumps. The submersible pump sits near the bottom of the tank and keeps the water levels down by pumping the water into the outlet pipe.

However, the greywater tank receives waste from the laundry and showers. This means there is a variety of nasties and solids in the water – lint, hair, bacteria, dead skin cells and more. Tree roots also often build up in the tank.

Greywater - Remove Roots
Greywater tank - Remove Roots

Two things can happen when the greywater tank is not fully emptied and cleaned out:

First, over time the water begins to stink because of the bacteria. The smell from the greywater is often so bad that people mistake it for septic. See our page, Why Does My Greywater Tank Smell?

Second, the lint, hair and other solids build up in the bottom of the tank. This can cause the pump to burn out. And that’s a big expense you probably aren’t expecting.

On each occasion, our experienced technicians lift the lid, pump out the greywater tank, clean and rinse out hair and sludges, remove any tree roots and report on the condition if something needs repairing. We care about reducing smells in your greywater tank and increasing the life of your pump.

Greywater tank - Remove Roots
Greywater - Remove Roots

So to minimise smells and protect your pump, consider cleaning our your greywater tank regularly. We recommend cleaning the greywater every 6 – 12 months. Contact us today to place your greywater holding tank on a regular cleaning cycle.