Dangerous Goods

Our 8,000L dangerous goods truck can transport up to 8,000 litres of dangerous liquids or sludges / hazardous waste at a time. Our high capacity truck provides great value service as it is large enough to remove the majority of dangerous goods in just one trip, but small enough to fit on standard job sites. Lee’s hazardous waste truck is the perfect size for local commercial sites, fuel stations, fuel terminals and more. Our high powered pump can also handle removal of waste, including sludges, from a distance when height or width restrictions prevent parking close by. For instance, we’ve successfully removed fuel sludge from the bottom of a 5,000L tank from 40m away with the hose run over a fence due to limited access!

A jetrodder (high pressure water jetter) on the truck also enables us to break-down, and then pump out, thick or coagulated dangerous goods sludges as well as rinse tanks after emptying. Our fully qualified and experienced technicians can pump out and empty hazardous or contaminated waste in any type of tank or container, including fuel tanks/diesel tanks, IBCs, 44 gallon drums and dip tanks. We’ve successfully removed dangerous goods with a variety of difficult access conditions, and with complicated to nearly impossible hazardous waste tank scenarios, through our careful and proactive planning, safety first approach, experienced operators and top of the range truck and equipment.

Our emphasis on safety extends to extra features we’ve created and installed in our truck. We are able to separate fuel from the vapour within the truck through Lee’s water scrubber which is an additional safety feature to prevent the escape of dangerous flammable or corrosive vapours and is proven to be 100% effective. Our flammable waste disposal and corrosives removal is the safest you can find.

We are licensed for the disposal of the following dangerous goods categories which include some of the following liquids, sludges and chemicals:

We also provide 24/7 emergency assistance for any emergency spills of dangerous liquids and sludges or hazardous waste accidents.

Please note that disposal rates are dependent of the type of waste being removed. When booking, please provide an SDS for analysis so our friendly staff can determine a disposal rate based on the type of waste.

Demex Feedback
We were very happy with the oily water contaminant removal work Lee’s Environmental did for us. Thank you for scheduling us in on short notice.

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