Drain Cleaning

Lee’s Environmental has a fleet of five jetrodder trucks with a variety of jetter heads and nozzles to suit small pipes from 50mm up to large 2m stormwater drains. We also have the capacity to clean pipes with runs up to 150m.

Clearing blockage in stormwater drain

“The Ultimate Combo”

Our vehicles have super sucker capability and with variable water pressure PSI to suit a variety of scenarios:

  • Unblocking small pipes

  • Unblocking stormwater drains

  • High pressure cleaning of tanks

  • Technicians certified for confined space entry
  • Dislodging sludges

  • Breaking up tree roots

Final Clearing of Stormwater in New Estates for Council Sign-Off

During the completion of new housing estates, debris builds up in the stormwater pipes due to concrete dust and other materials. Council requires that the stormwater lines be jet rodded and cleared before they will sign-off on the new estate. Lee’s Environmental has two powerful “Ultimate Combo” vehicles specifically designed for clearing large pipes and stormwater drains and our expert technicians are fully qualified and capable of performing the final stormwater clean out of your new estate. We also provide sewer tankering works and can pump out and jetrod clean for pump station refurbishment.

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