Pump out 2 million litres of sewage from Logan City Council Sewage Treatment Plant sludge bed and clean aerator pumps for replacement.

Client Logan City Council
Location Logan City
Date July 2019
Duration 3 weeks

What do you do when you need to remove a few million litres of sewage? Call Lee’s Environmental! Yes, Lee’s Environmental recently pumped out the massive oxidization ditch at the Logan City Council Sewage Treatment Plant, removing 2 million + litres of waste. Spanning 3 weeks, this massive project involved the coordination of multiple vehicles and technicians to complete.
The colossal pond, deeper than a two story building and larger than a house block holds sewage and treats the waste via aeration and a series of channels and compartments within the tank. The project involved a multi-step process of sucking out the sewage with our high powered vacuum pump trucks. This waste was then dumped from the high powered vacuum pump truck into our large semi trailer vacuum tanker which transported the high volume of waste to another oxidisation ditch on site.

Due to the size of the oxidation ditch and available parking areas, the entire tank was not accessible via the vacuum truck. Therefore, after the bulk of liquids were removed from the tank, we used a bobcat to push the high volume sludges to the corner of the tank for pump out. Following this, we used our new combo truck “The Enforcer” to high pressure clean the remaining sludges from the tank using its 1 inch extra long 180m length hose. This moved the think sludges to the corner of the tank for simultaneous pump out with The Enforcer’s lightning speed, mega powered 6300 CFM pump. The sludges were then dumped into our skip bins and removed to another processing area. When our operators were finished, the inside of the tank looked like clean concrete!
Finally, we high pressure cleaned the aerator pumps and their frames, again using our jet rodder hoses to prepare for the aerator pump replacement.

Our vehicles and services provided included:

  • 20,000L Semi Trailer Vacuum Tankers to hold and transport high volume waste removed from treatment bed
  • 10,000L Combo Trucks
    • with 6300 CFM pump to provide extreme high power pump out at ultra speeds
    • with 180m length, 1 inch jet rodder hose to high pressure lift and push remaining sludges to corner of tank for pump out
  • Bobcat to push initial high volume sludges to corner of tank for pump out
  • Skip bins to hold sludges removed from the tank

We’d also like to highlight the effectiveness of our new custom built combo truck The Enforcer on this project which actually high pressure cleaned and pumped out the same volume of waste in half the time of our other already highly efficient vehicles. Thanks to our new combo The Enforcer and its impressive features, we’re now competing with our own record of providing best value service.

Due to our innovative approach, latest technology and plain old fashioned customer service, we’re literally saving our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars and completing projects in a fraction of the time of previous suppliers, while ensuring work is completed to the highest standard of quality and safety. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your project.