The Enforcer – Our New Combo Truck

We are excited to welcome the latest addition to our fleet of trucks – The Enforcer! This purpose driven, custom built combination truck has been specially crafted with latest technology for industrial jet rodding, pumping and vacuum excavation. Boasting the exciting duo of lightning speed and mega power features, the Mitsubishi Fuso, ten wheeler Enforcer is the most spectacular truck in our impressive fleet of 30+ vehicles.

The Enforcer is our second 10,000L custom made combo truck and can do everything his imposing and talented brother The Intimidator can do…only faster! We believe our newest truck may be the fastest, most powerful combo truck in Queensland! The pump alone is larger than an average size car and can pull from tremendous depths with incredible speed and handle nearly any material.

The Enforcer’s key features are:

6300 CFM Vacuum pump – this super high powered vacuum pump can remove even thick sludges at ultra speeds. The pump can even pump out from a massive 18+ metres deep.

180m long, 1 inch jet rodding hose can breakdown blockages in long pipes, shift firm sludges, and break up dirt and tree roots at lightning speeds


The Enforcer combo truck provides a wide range of services and is especially suited to large work sites, jobs requiring high power and/or high volumes. The Enforcer has already proved its exceptional capabilities with the 2019 Logan City Council Sewage Treatment Plant Oxidisation Ditch Aerator Replacement Project and below is a list of other services it can provide.

    Industrial Jetrodding of pipes up to 2.4m including:

  • Jet rodding and pump out of stormwater drains
  • Jetrodding of culverts
  • Drain cleaning of any lines within an estate
    Vacuum Excavation of large areas at the fastest speed including:

  • Potholing
  • Trenching
  • Service Locating
    Pump out of industrial sludges including:

  • Deep well pumping
  • Council pump stations

We’re saving our customers money, time, and doing the job better!

Custom built with the best of modern technology to enhance speed and power, The Enforcer is performing work at a fraction of the cost of other more dated methods. Jobs that used to take days or weeks are now completed in some cases at less than a quarter of the time and cost. We’re literally saving our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars and doing an even better job!

We provide 24/7 emergency service with one hour response times to most suburbs. Please contact us today to discuss how we may be of service for your project.

See our New “Enforcer” Combo Truck featuring in the Oct 2019 Edition of Prime Mover Magazine!